5 Best Dog Food for Toy Poodles to Be Healthy

Poodles are known for being proper, regal, and smart. If you’re looking for a fiercely loyal dog, a toy poodle is what you need. With their adorable playfulness and curly hair coat, they are every dog owner’s favorite breed. Choosing the best dog food for toy poodles is the best way to keep your pet healthy and fit.

Looking after their nutrition and ensuring they get a balanced diet is crucial. Your playful pup needs high-quality dog food that keeps it thriving, strong, and healthy throughout the day. You might think, as a small breed, toy poodles can be fed just about any type of dog food.

However, despite being miniature breeds, toy poodles have particular nutritional needs.  If you’re wondering what the best dog food is for toy poodles, then read on to find out!

Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Dog Food

Our Rating

5 stars

Royal Canin Poodle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 10 lb. bag



The perfect dog food for your regal and healthy dog – the Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Dog Food – is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Specially made for miniature poodles, most of the content of this dog food comes from its high protein sources.

Made from chicken, corn, rice, and gluten, this dog food is made from nearly 28% protein. This ensures that your pup gets to grow stronger, leaner, and healthier muscles. The formula also consists of DHA, which is a potent anti-inflammatory nutrient that ensures healthy mental development.


Specifically made for toy poodles that are over 10 months

High protein diet for healthy, lean, and strong muscles

Adapted protein content – ideal for growing toy poodles

Enriched with essential vitamins for healthy skin coat and muscles

Small and easy to chew

Promotes dental hygiene



Contains corn – a potential allergen

This kibble is perfect for toy poodles as it nourishes and builds their minds at a very early age. Above all, the ingredients are enriched with healthy fish oils. They are quite promising for giving toy poodles a super-soft, healthy, and luscious skin coat.

When it comes to the essential vitamins and minerals, Royal Canin truly takes the lead. Packed with vitamin D3 for healthy bones, vitamin B12 for healthy blood, vitamin E, and Biotin, this dog food is the best option for your growing poodle.

The shape of the kibble is small and easy to chew. It’s made explicitly for miniature breeds as it helps their jaws to chew down the kibble and maintain dental health. 

Solid Gold Wee Bit Bison & Brown Rice Recipe Small Breed Dry Dog Food

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5 stars

Solid Gold - Wee Bit With Real Bison, Brown Rice & Pearled Barley - Potato Free - Fiber Rich with Probiotic Support - Holistic Dry Dog Food for Small Dogs of All Life Stages, Dry: 12 lb.

The second best dog food on our list is the Solid Gold recipe for small breeds. This dry dog food has a notable formula made of bison, brown rice, ocean fish meal, chicken fat, and oatmeal. Packed with proteins, fiber, and complex carbs, this dog food offers holistic nutrition for your toy poodles.

The formula contains flax seed for healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Together with fish meal, this dog food ensures a healthy, smooth coat and strong muscles. With salmon oil, fruits, and vegetables, your pet is going to get a diet rich in antioxidants.


Made from fresh bison protein and brown rice

Ideal for growing toy poodles

Small-sized kibble, easy to chew and digest

Extremely high in protein and nourishing super foods

Free of any potential allergens like corn, soy, or wheat



High in whole grains – may cause a bloating or upset stomach

This dog food is specially made for growing toy poodles that need a consistent source of protein, fiber, and nourishing vitamins. It also contains whole grains and fresh bison protein, a rich and high-quality source of nutrients for your small poodle.

It also contains healthy fats like vitamin E and salmon oil that will nourish the skin coat and promote healthy fur. The dog food is also a unique blend with nearly 20 excellent super foods, including fried kelp, blueberries, watercress, and so much more.

If your toy poodle is growing, this is the best dog food to give them. High in whole grains, fresh proteins, and immune-boosting super foods, Solid Gold has outdone itself!

Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks Dry Dog Food

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5 stars

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Minichunks Small Kibble High Protein Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken, 30 lb. Bag

Super-crunchy and delicious, Iams ProActive mini-chunks are just the right-sized kibble for miniature breeds. This dog food is packed with protein from fresh chicken and eggs that will help your pet build stronger and firmer muscles.

The formula contains ground whole grain corn, chicken, eggs, flax seed, and dried beet pulp. While these are the main ingredients, this dog food is rich in calcium, vitamin E, and crucial minerals that toy poodles need for healthy bones and skin. It also has a special amino acid called L-Carnitine, which helps metabolize food and boost the immune system of small breeds.


The formula is rich in protein, whole grains, and antioxidants

Immune-boosting essential nutrients

Encourages healthy skin coat and strong muscles

Palatable, easy-to-chew, and digests well

Contains gentle fiber for sensitive toy poodles

Crunchy kibble – helps prevent bad breath and tartar buildup

Promotes dental hygiene

Free of soy or corn – often touted as potential allergens





Can cause diarrhea and upset stomach during introductory feedings

The dog food is rich in antioxidants to help your poodle fight inflammation and diseases. It also contains a gentle fiber source that won’t cause an upset stomach or bloating. If your poodle is sensitive to corn or soy, you should give these mini-chunks a try.

Moreover, the kibble is small and has a palatable texture that will make mealtime a favorite occasion for your poodle. The kibble is easy on the poodle’s teeth. It chews and digests well. Since the dog food is dry, it also helps in scrubbing away tartar or plaque caught in the dog’s teeth. For this reason, the kibble is also an excellent option to evade bad breath.

NUTRO ULTRA Small & Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food 

Our Rating

5 stars

NUTRO ULTRA Adult Small Breed High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food with a Trio of Proteins from Chicken, Lamb and Salmon, 4 lb. Bag

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Dry Dog Food is a clear winner for toy poodles. If you’re looking for a dog food that’s specially designed for muscle development, then this is it. The formula is a rich blend of lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats that help build muscle, encourage strong bones, and luscious coats.

The feed tastes wonderful as it’s made from natural, holistic ingredients like brown rice, chicken meal, rice bran, pea protein, and salmon meal. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, you can safely feed them this as this dog food is free of soy, gluten, and corn. It only contains healthy whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice that offer a boatload of gentle fiber.


Rich in high-quality proteins that promote lean muscles and healthy skin coat

Made with holistic, natural ingredients that your poodle can enjoy

Rich in healthy fats like sunflower oil that will give your dog a shiny skin coat

Enriched with antioxidants, vitamin, and herbal extracts for a strong immune system

Easy to chew, small-sized, and delicious



Contains pea protein and legumes that can cause bloating if fed in excess

Nutro Ultra also ensures that your poodle gets healthy fats like coconut oil and sunflower oil to ensure healthy skin and a strong immune system. This dog food is a rich blend of fruits, vegetables, and pure vitamin extracts that boost the immune system and ensure a longer life.

This is the perfect option for miniature breeds if you want your dog to live his best life. Providing 100% balanced nutrition, this dog food is both delicious and palatable.

Eukanuba Small Bites Adult Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food

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5 stars

Eukanuba Adult Small Bites Dry Dog Food, 33 lb. bag


This formula introduced by Eukanuba offers a balanced, holistic diet with plenty of health benefits for your toy poodle. With lamb as its main source of protein, the Eukanuba formula is perfect for small breeds. It also consists of a healthy chicken meal for an added dose of protein and vitamins.

The formula contains two of the most important nutrients for strong bones and joints – chondroitin and glucosamine. With a healthy fiber-rich blend, the formula contains prebiotic FOS and beet pulp that delivers a gentle and consistent dose of fiber. The dog food is also rich in omega fatty acids to encourage your poodle’s healthy skin coat.


Perfect for small poodles that are over 12 months

Made with real lamb meal and chicken for high-quality protein diet

Contains prebiotics for faster and healthier digestion

Rich in vitamin E and DHA that supports healthy brain development during early ages

Small-sized kibble that helps reduce tartar and ensure healthy gums through 3D DataDefense



Contains plenty of by-products that can be unhealthy for small poodles

Above all, this dog food is enriched with 3D DataDefense, which helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup in small dogs. Their jaws can easily chew the small-sized kibble as it scrubs away the dirt stuck on their teeth. Ideal for improving healthy gums and clean teeth, this dog food is terrific for toy poodles.

Is There Anything So Special About the Toy Poodle Diet?

The poodle is generally prone to many digestive problems because of which it needs a specially formulated diet. Here are some issues you need to be mindful of when it comes to the Toy Poodle diet.

Digestive Problems

Toy poodles can get stomach cramps, bloating, and flatulence. If you’re feeding them a diet high in grains or potential allergens like corn or soy, they are likely to get an upset stomach. The condition can worsen and turn to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

If your poodle experiences stomach cramps, they might try to isolate themselves and not be touched. Even bloating can be discomforting, which is why always choose a feed that contains a gentle fiber formula.

Hair Loss

Excessive shedding can happen in toy poodles as well. It’s usually because of an allergy. In most cases, it could be pollen allergens. However, poodles can be allergic to eggs, chicken, and lamb. Make sure to introduce these foods slowly and gradually.

If your dog shows signs of upset stomach or hair loss, there might be a potential allergen in the dog food. In that case, switch to a different brand.

Hormonal Issues

Cushing’s Disease is a common malfunction in dogs, and your poodle is also vulnerable to it. In this condition, the adrenal glands begin to malfunction and produce too much steroid hormone. If you think your dog has this problem, it’s best to feed your pup a diet that reduces stomach irritation.

If their digestive system goes out of whack due to an allergen or whole grains, their condition can aggravate. Oatmeal, brown rice, and fruits are good ingredients to look for.

How Much to Feed Your Toy Poodle According to Age?

If your dog is only 3 months old, you should feed him at least 4 meals a day as he is in his growing phase. For poodles that are 6 months of age, 3 meals a day is a good amount.

Toy poodles above 6 months do well when they’re fed 2 meals a day. Once your dog reaches adulthood, feeding him 2 meals a day will keep your pup healthy and fit.

How Much to Feed Your Toy Poodle According to Weight?

Here’s how much you should feed your toy poodle according to their weight.

  • If your poodle is only 3 lbs., feed them at least 3/8- 1/2 cup a day
  • If your poodle is 10-20 lbs., feed them anywhere from 3/4- 1 cup a day.
  • If your toy poodle weighs 30 lbs. feed them at least 1-2 cups every day
  • If your toy poodle weighs between 40-50 lbs, feed them 2-2 ¾ cups daily

Watch the video below on feeding your toy poodle.

What Type of Food is Good or Bad for Toy Poodles?

Choosing the right type of dog food for your toy poodle is very important. Here are the pros and cons of each type of dog food.

Wet Food

Wet dog food generally contains more water, which is why it’s also a good hydration source for toy poodles. However, wet food is also likely to get stuck in your pet’s teeth. This can likely lead to plaque and tartar buildup. In this case, make sure to limit wet food to twice or thrice a week.

Dry Food

Dry kibble is one of the best options for toy poodles. Since they have small jaws and smaller teeth, it’s best to give them dry food. This is because, in addition to providing nutrition, the dry kibble scrubs away the dirt, tartar, and plaque on the teeth. This helps in dental hygiene and holistic nutrition.

Combination Food

If your toy poodle has an upset stomach or bloating due to feeding too much dry kibble, you can try moistening it with bone broth or fruit juices. Alternatively, you can feed your pet a combination of both dry and wet ingredients in the week. Combination food will help your pet in digesting all the food easily and benefiting from the nutrients.

What Ingredients to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Toy Poodles?

Just like every other dog breed, toy poodle also needs a holistic, well-balanced diet. This should include a decent amount of proteins, healthy fats, carbs, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Here are some of the best ingredients to look for in dog food for toy poodles.


Chicken, turkey, and duck are wonderful sources of lean protein for your toy poodle. They are digested easily, filling, offering a bunch of vitamins, and nourishing your toy poodle. Above all, they help in muscle development.

Lamb Meal

Lamb meal is a rich source of protein and essential amino acids that toy poodles need for healthy skin coat and proper muscle development.

Fish Meal

All the ingredients related to fish like salmon, salmon oil, cod, fish meal, or haddock are excellent sources of lean protein for toy poodles. They are very gentle on the digestive system and offer a good dose of omega fatty acids for a healthy immune system.

Vegetables and Fruits

Your poodle needs a chock full of vegetables like kale, spinach, carrots, beets, and tomatoes along with fruits like blueberries, cranberries, and apples. All of these offer plenty of antioxidants that your pet needs to fight off diseases and strengthen immunity.

Whole Grains

Whole grains, especially in the form of brown rice and oatmeal, are excellent sources of fiber. They are easily digested and facilitate a healthy gut flora for your poodle.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid When Buying Dog Food for Toy Poodles?

When it comes to choosing dog food for toy poodles, there are many ingredients you will have to watch out for. Here’s a list of ingredients that you should avoid:

Artificial Ingredients

Any kind of artificial ingredients like preservatives, coloring, or additives is harmful to small dog breeds. Look for food coloring, MSG, and chemical preservatives in dog food that can very likely lead to an upset stomach or cancer.


Meat by-products, whether they come from chicken, lamb, or fish, are harmful to your toy poodle’s health. Firstly, they are not needed for dog food. Things like hooves, bones, skin, spleens, and intestines can wreck your poodle’s gut flora. They can also lead to diarrhea.

Therefore, it’s best to scan the ingredient list before buying any type of dog food. Even if you see the word “chicken by-product” on the list, it’s best to ditch the brand altogether.

High Amounts of Grains

Another ingredient that can easily throw off the delicate digestive system of toy poodles is grains. Whole grains in minimal amounts and the form of oatmeal and brown rice are fine. However, if the ingredient list is stuffed with whole grains with high levels of gluten and wheat, you might want to be careful. They can easily induce bloating, allergies, and flatulence.

What Are the Signs that Your Toy Poodle Likes or Dislikes the Food?

If your dog likes the food, they are likely to:

  • Show interest during mealtime and salivate a lot
  • Eat quickly and anticipate the next mealtime

However, if your dog doesn’t like the food, they are likely to:

  • Show reluctance during mealtime
  • Push the bowl containing the dog food away
  • Show signs of irritability and seek a place of isolation

Are Toy Poodles Fussy or Picky Eaters?

Yes, even though they’re small, toy poodles are quite fussy eaters. If there’s an ingredient in the dog food that’s causing stomach discomfort or isn’t palatable, they might not enjoy the mealtime at all. There are many reasons for it.

  • Your poodle might have dental problems as small breeds are likely to have unhealthy gums because the food frequently gets stuck. In this case, they might face pain in the gums and not eat at all.
  • If the bowl is too high or too low, your poodle might not eat as enthusiastically.
  • If your poodle is around dogs he doesn’t know; he might take time easing into the new environment. During this time, he might not eat dog food as frequently.
  • If your poodle has been vaccinated, he might experience a loss of appetite. It might recover in a few days, but you still need to be patient.

Buying the Best Dog Food for Toy Poodles

Feeding and looking after toy poodles is a fun and enjoyable experience. Use the guide above to choose the best dog food for toy poodles and make mealtime a fun occasion for your pup.

You can use the tips above to identify whether your pet is facing digestive issues or other problems, which might have disrupted their appetite. All in all, feeding your toy poodle a holistic and well-balanced diet is the only way to keep them healthy and fit!


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