How Much Are Havanese Puppies?

Looking to adopt a Havanese puppy? Wondering how much are Havanese puppies?  Well, then read on. We got a guide just for you.

Havanese puppies are affectionate and lively. They give their most significant share of love to the owners and enjoy learning new games and playing with their owners. Their fondness for new tricks and impressing their owners makes them one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds.

The Havanese coat is straight or wavy. They were also known as “Havana silk dogs” because their double coat feels like fine silk. These dogs generally have an aversion to loneliness and become anxious if you leave them alone. These little dogs of Havana are non-shedding dogs, which makes them an ideal choice as pets.

How Much Does a Purebred Havanese Puppy Cost?

People first bred Havanese puppies to give the company to the wealthy families of Cuba. Even then, people spent a lot on the care of Havanese puppies.

There are many expenses regarding the care of this breed, which you should also consider at the time of purchase. Medical insurance, vaccinations, grooming, etc. are some major expenses that owners of Havanese puppies have to incur.

The average cost of a purebred Havanese puppy is around $1,000-$1,500. The cost may vary due to the location and AKC certification status of the breeder. If you can compromise to give up puppy years and buy an adult dog instead, you might even get a discount.

The price also varies to some extent, depending on the breeder. An experienced breeder might sell at a higher price. Similarly, amateurs that might not have the best breed offer the pup at a lower price.

The important thing is to find a reliable breeder. You might want to know the medical history of your pup when you buy it. This makes you aware of the medical issues that the dog might experience later in his lifetime.

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What Are the Secondary Costs of Owning a Havanese Puppy?

Once you have found your Havanese puppy and paid for it, the costs do not end there. Like in the case of any other breed, there are also costs of caring for the Havanese puppy every month.

The cost of grooming is the only aspect that sets apart Havanese care from other breeds. They have a lifespan of 15 years, which means you should expect these costs for a long time.

Once you have purchased a Havanese puppy, there are some secondary costs of owning one. Here’s what to expect:

Health Expenses

Even if you buy an expensive Havanese puppy, some expenses are inevitable. This includes regular visits to the vet, vaccination, licensing, shots, etc.

Like other purebred dogs, there are some common health issues in this breed as well. Veterinary care accounts for a large chunk of the expenses you can expect when keeping a Havanese puppy.

Yearly wellness checkups might cost you around $200-300. Including lab work and dental checkups in your budget would increase the cost to $700-1,500 per year. The veterinary costs might increase if your puppy develops a health problem.

You should expect costs increase as your puppy grows older. It is, however, essential to remember that this veterinary budget does not include expenses of emergencies and preventive medications.

The first thing you must do after buying a Havanese puppy is to vaccinate it as soon as possible. Some common health issues are joint dysplasia, eye problems, heart defects, and deafness. Another thing that you should consider is health insurance for your pup.

It might look expensive for now to spend money every month on pet insurance, but this will pay off in the long-run. This is because Havanese puppies are generally prone to some common health issues in their lifetime.

Due to the long lifespan of Havanese dogs, you must include pet insurance in the total cost. This will give you a clear idea about the amount you should expect to spend on your dog over time.

Preventive Medications and Supplements

All dogs need preventive medications and supplements. Heart worms, fleas, ticks, and other parasites can cause various diseases in dogs. A veterinarian can prescribe preventive medication according to the climate and your puppy’s needs.

Some Havanese puppies might also need vitamins and supplements. Depending on the needs of your pup, you will be spending around $100-$500 every year on preventive medication and supplements. 

Emergencies and Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected incidents happen all the time. With an active Havanese puppy, prepare for accidents and emergencies beforehand. Emergencies, accidents, and chronic illnesses can cost a lot per year.

An emergency that does not need surgery might cost you around $2,000-$3,000. On the other hand, an accident that leads to surgery might cost you about $3,000-$5,000. Trauma and cancer are two of the most common health conditions that dogs experience.

Your dog getting hit by a car or another animal attacking him can cause severe trauma. Your dog will need immediate medical attention. In either case, the treatment can be costly.

The average cost of cancer treatment in dogs can be around $3,500. Surgery after a car accident can be as expensive as $5,000. If your pet needs to stay in ICU after surgery, you can expect an expense of $200-$500 per day.

Since there is no way to predict the future, it is best to set some money aside. Apart from savings, you can also keep a credit card for emergencies. Some veterinary services offer healthcare financing or healthcare cards. You might even get initial zero-interest plans.

Emergencies can cause the most significant expenses when you own a dog. Emergency savings ensure that money is never a problem in the care of your Havanese puppy.

Grooming Expenses

Another significant cost related to the care of the Havanese puppy is the grooming expense. You can groom your Havanese puppy at home, but it can be tricky due to their thick and long coat. Their fluffy or silky double coat is what makes them look adorable.

The grooming expenses depend upon the type of coat and the length you want for your pup. If you’re going to keep his fur long, you will have to bathe him weekly. The long coat also needs daily brushing to keep it from tangling.

If you go for short fur, you will have to wash him every other week. This also means a visit to the groomer about every six to eight weeks. Regardless of the length of fur, you should expect extra expenses for grooming.

Grooming is not only essential to keep your puppy looking cute. A groomer also ensures that the hair hasn’t grown into or around the eyes. Most groomers will offer you a discount for frequent visits. You should first ask around and get recommendations before picking a pet salon.

It is not only the Havanese puppy’s coat that requires grooming. This breed also tends to have nails that grow fast. Their teeth also need care, which increases the grooming expenses.

Dietary Expenses

When answering the question, ‘how much are Havanese puppies,’ another cost that needs to be taken into account is the cost of its food. Since they are a small breed, they do not need large portions. This reduces the dietary expense substantially as compared to the larger breeds. However, we recommend you to go for high-quality food for your Havanese puppy. 

A suitable and healthy diet will help to keep your pup strong and active. Do not mind paying a little extra for the best option when it comes to your dog’s diet. The healthier the food, the healthier your dog will be. The recommended portion of daily meals is ½ to 1 cup of dry food. You can divide this into two meals.

It is also essential to understand that the amount of food your dog needs depends on various factors. Consider the size, age, metabolism, and activity level of your puppy to determine its daily food requirement. Like humans, not all dogs need the same amount of food. An active Havanese puppy will need more food to get all that energy from.

To keep your dog healthy, measure his food, and give him two meals a day. It is better than leaving his food out in a food bowl all day long.

There is a simple test that you can perform to ensure that your dog is not overweight. Place your hands on the back of your Havanese puppy, thumbs along the spine, and fingers are pointing downwards. You should be able to feel his ribs without pressing hard.

If you cannot feel his ribs, it is time to decrease his food intake. If you think that your dog is getting overweight, engage him in more play and exercise to keep him healthy.

Havanese Puppy Toys

There are some other items that you need to spend on for your Havanese puppy. They are essential to keep your dog happy and healthy. Like for any other breed, you need to buy toys, beds, leashes, etc. to make your dog comfortable at home.

Havanese puppies demand a lot of attention from their owners. They love to play with their owners and stay around them. If you cannot give a lot of attention, you should provide some toys to keep them busy.

Your Havanese puppies also need the right amount of sleep and a long walk daily to stay fit. Beds and leashes can help your dog in that regard. Havanese puppies are playful and affectionate, but they are not low-maintenance dogs.

Some owners like to spend a lot on fancy beds to make their little companions comfortable. You can spend according to your budget on toys to keep your pup entertained all day.

Puppy Training

The cost of first-time supplies can be different for all dogs. Whether you buy a Havanese puppy or some other breed, you will have to buy a collar, a leash, a crate, food bowls, and a bed.

Apart from these first-time supplies, you will also have to train your dog. This will keep him from engaging in any destructive behavior and help him develop good habits.

Whether or not you decide to put your puppy in an obedience school, the overall training expenses can amount to at least $25-$300 per year.

Pet Sitters or Boarding

A kennel or boarding is the best option to leave your Havanese puppy when you have to travel. The prices of dog boarding can vary by location. Some boarding services charge as low as $20 per day, while luxury doggie hotels can be expensive. If you travel frequently, you should expect to spend a lot of money on onboarding.

If you prefer individual attention for your Havanese puppy, you can hire a pet-sitter. But it can be much more costly than a boarding. You can also take your puppy with you on the trip, but that would mean more traveling expenses. Alternately, you can also leave your pup with a friend who can look after him while you are away.

Dog Walking

Dogs also need regular walking to stay happy and healthy. This expense is optional, and you might not need to spend on this if you can walk your Havanese yourself.

However, if you have a busy schedule and work long hours, you might need a dog-walker. The cost of hiring a dog-walker varies by location. The average cost ranges from $15 to $20 for a half-hour walk.

This expense can amount to $3,000-$5,000 over a year. Hence, when asking ‘how much are Havanese puppies,’ you might want to reconsider your buying decision if you have a busy work routine.

Havanese Puppies Cost You Time

It is not just money that you will be spending on your Havanese puppies; they also need a good amount of your time in a day. You should expect to spend at least some time playing with them. Grooming and healthcare also need dedicated attention from you.

Sometimes, the intelligence of Havanese puppies can be a problem if you are not careful. They are playful and always long for their owner’s attention.

When they are bored, they can be mischievous, especially if you haven’t trained them properly. They are bright and quick to learn what gets the owner’s attention. This might make your Havanese puppy stick around you always. They also look for ways to please you.

While this behavior can be adorable most of the time, sometimes it can be inconvenient if you want to be alone. That said, buying a Havanese puppy means investing a significant amount of time in keeping him happy.

Be sure to check this video on Havanese puppy supplies so that you get an idea about your expenses while owning a Havanese pup.

How to Choose a Havanese Puppy Breeder?

There can be different ways to buy a Havanese puppy. You can buy from a breeder, a pet store, or another source, but choosing the right option ensures you get a purebred. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between reliable and disreputable breeders.

There is no way to ensure that you will not buy a sick puppy, but taking some precautions helps you choose the right breeder. You can also get a recommendation from a veterinarian for a reliable breeder.

The key is finding a healthy dog is finding a good breeder. A reliable breeder would have all the essential health certifications. This will help you to screen out as many health problems as possible. Good breeders are also interested in finding the right homes for puppies.

Two things that can ensure that a Havanese breeder is reliable are as follows:

Good Breeders Answer Questions

You can question them about the temperament, heritage, and health clearances of your dog before buying. Good breeders encourage questions and satisfy you with the details.

They also ask questions about your expectations and the kind of life you can provide the puppy. You can also find out about the history of the breed from them. Reliable breeders do not rush the process. They discuss everything before the sale.

They Should Be a Member of the Havanese Club of America

If a breeder is also a member of the Havanese Club of America, he is likely aware of the code of ethics. You can expect him to abide by all the regulations. Screening of dogs and a written contract are some of the critical concerns for a buyer. A member of the Havanese Club is likely to meet all codes of ethics to sell a healthy Havanese breed.

A reliable breeder is willing to provide help with training and care for your new friend. Research, queries, and facility checks can help you avoid a disreputable breeder.

Here is a video on breeding Havanese puppies. Do check it out.


It is not only purebred Havanese puppies, but all types of dogs are generally expensive. Adopting a Havanese puppy is always better than buying. However, finding a Havanese puppy that’s up for adoption is typically tricky.

The initial costs of buying and taking care of a Havanese puppy can be pretty expensive. Add up health, grooming, food, and toy expenses, and you’ll get your answer to your question about how much are Havanese puppies. Despite being an invaluable addition to the family, Havanese puppies can be adorable and joyful company.