How Much Do Cane Corso Puppies Cost?

If you are looking to adopt a Cane Corso puppy, the first question that comes to the mind is how much do Cane Corso puppies cost.

Cane Corso is a strong and intelligent breed with protective instincts. This breed of dogs almost became extinct in the mid-twentieth century.

A group of dog lovers then revived this breed in 1970. Since then, this breed has grown in popularity far and wide, mainly because they can be both family and guard dogs.

Cane Corso dogs need something to concentrate on; otherwise, they can become destructive. For this reason, they need more rigorous training than any other breed of dogs. This is the main factor that contributes to the high price of Cane Corso puppies.

However, as a family dog, Cane Corso dogs have a very calm side. They are great with kids and can be very playful. This makes them a great choice as house dogs.

Find out below how much do Cane Corso puppies cost and a comprehensive guide to buy a Cane Corso puppy for your family!

How Much to Pay for a Cane Corso Puppies?

A puppy from a good breed is generally expensive. You can find Cane Corso puppies for a price as low as $900-$2,000; however, such puppies do not meet the high standard of the breed despite having an excellent pedigree.

You will have to pay around $2,500-$4,000 for a purebred Cane Corso puppy with excellent lineage and health checks. The price of a Cane Corso puppy can also be as high as $8,000, depending on the breeding practices of the breeder. On the other hand, if you want to buy an adult Cane Corso, adoption will merely cost you around $250-$500.

Cane Corsos are brilliant watchdogs. They are strong, powerful, and very protective of their families. Many people also like to buy Cane Corso as a service dog for personal and property protection. In that case, a well-trained protection dog will cost you around $8,500-$13,000. 

Here is a video on the cost of buying a Cane Corso dog.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Cane Corso Puppies?

Once you have found a reputable breeder, there are some critical factors to consider. It might not be challenging to choose one from the litter, but you should know everything about the following factors to make the right choice.

Let us discuss how much do Cane Corso puppies cost factors. Here’s what you need to consider before you agree to buy.

Age of the Puppy

Generally, people believe that finding a puppy as young as possible is the best option. This leaves the least number of impressions on the pup and makes it easier for the puppy to adapt to its new home.

But this also makes it difficult for you to be certain about its health. A breeder cannot identify the problems of the Cane Corso puppy at such a young age. This is because the main features of the breed become evident when the puppy is at least 3 months old. 

With that said, as a rule, one should always take a Cane Corso puppy from a breeder when it is 8 to 12 weeks old. Around this time, Cane Corso puppies are the most expensive as well. After this period, the breeder will lower the price, and after a year, the cost of a puppy reduces to a great extent.


There is not much difference in the cost of a male or female Cane Corso puppy. Male Cane Corso dogs tend to grow larger than females and hence need more food. This could mean slightly extra costs for the owner.

Female Cane Corso puppies are calmer and friendlier than their male counterparts. They are also more accommodating during training and comparatively more hard working. Female Cane Corso puppies tend to bond faster with their owners. They also show less dominant behavior in the family.

Coat Color

The typical coat colors of Cane Corso are black, grey, red, brown, and fawn. Most coat colors are acceptable according to the breed standards.

When a group of dog lovers first started reviving this breed in 1970, they bred a large variety of colors, but some coat colors do not meet the breed standards.

Any color with tan pattern markings especially disqualifies the pup from the breed. Cane Corso puppies with a coat color that is outside the acceptable color range are cheaper than those that meet the breed standard.

Lineage and Pedigree

The lineage and pedigree become very important if you are looking for a show-quality dog. A Cane Corso with an excellent pedigree will be more expensive than others. It is better to buy a purebred because it ensures excellent temperament.

Cane Corso puppies with good lineage also have great character. It does not mean that buying a breed that is not show-quality is a bad idea. Many breeders have puppies that are not purebred but still have lovely personalities.

Paperwork and Certifications

If you are buying a Cane Corso puppy from a breeder, there are different forms and documents that you should receive with the pup. All this paperwork should be available to you before you take your puppy home.

You should get a bill of sale that describes the puppy and includes the details of the breeder. You must also expect to receive a health guarantee from the breeder. This includes vet and vaccination records.

You should also get the litter registration papers from the breeder. Sometimes, if you are buying from an owner, they also provide a spay or neuter agreement.

The most important of all paperwork are certifications for health conditions. Ensure that your pup has certification for genetic health problems. You can contact your local Kennel Club or Breed Association to ask about all the certifications that you would need. Finally, a Cane Corso puppy with all the essential certifications will cost you slightly higher.


The location of the breeder can also affect the cost of your Cane Corso puppy to a great extent. If the breeder is far away from your place, it will be more expensive to pick up the pup from the breeder. Some breeders might also offer flight packages to deliver the puppy to your home. However, we recommend that you go to be sure of what you are buying.


Cane Corso is a certified breed of dogs. This means that the breeder should abide by the regulations of the American Kennel Club. Breeders who are members of the AKC charge more for their puppies. This is due to the better breeder practices that they follow. These practices ensure that pups meet breed standards.

Reputable and registered breeders also spend more on caring for their Cane Corsos. A disreputable breeder might offer a Cane Corso puppy at a lower price, but they also have more economical welfare practices. 

Watch this video below before buying a Cane Corso dog.

What Are Some Things to Look for Before Buying a Cane Corso Puppy?

Like with any other breed, when you buy a Cane Corso puppy, you have to take into account many things. It is essential to find out about their lineage and certifications. It is also equally vital to get some insights into all that comes with this breed.

To make your buying experience more comfortable, we have put together some questions related to the pup. Getting answers to these questions can help you better understand the personality of Cane Corso puppies:

How Is Their Temperament?

Cane Corsos are reliable and loyal companions of their owners. They form strong bonds with their families and are overprotective of their owners. They seem to take pride in having a strong protective instinct.

Despite their ability to protect, their overall nature can generally be categorized as calm and gentle. Usually, this breed is particularly more affectionate towards one person in the family than others. That said, they are always devoted to everyone in the household.

When they are around a lot of strangers, they tend to stay reserved. They only keep their distance from strangers and rarely show aggression towards the people they don’t know. Once a Cane Corso puppy is familiar with you, they will be friendly.

Without adequate training, Cane Corso dogs can become unruly and hard to manage. They are happy knowing who is the boss in the house and will be loyal as long there’s someone to handle them.

Another thing important to understand is that Cane Corsos have a high pain threshold. This means that they will be able to hide their pain pretty well in case of any injury. It is often challenging for owners to identify any health condition that their dog might be suffering from. Often, they have to guess what might be bothering their dog.

Are They Adaptable?

As evident by their size, Cane Corso needs enough space to move around. They do well as long as they can run free in a secure backyard. This makes them unsuitable for a family living in an apartment.

Cane Corso puppies are the best choice for people who have active, outdoor lives or who live in a country environment. Cane Corsos love human company. You should have at least one person who can be around when everyone else is out. 

How Do They React Around Other Animals?

People often train Cane Corsos to hunt and guard, but this breed does not have a high prey drive. If you train them in the early years, they are usually tolerant around other animals. They prefer to stay within the boundaries of their own homes and like to stick around their owners. That said, you should be careful if you are walking them around an area where they might encounter wildlife.

Are Cane Corso Puppies Playful?

Cane Corsos might seem like dangerous dogs, but they love to play. As puppies, they are lively and playful. They enjoy a home environment and being around people they know. They like to get involved in everything going on around them in a house. They play interactive games with their owners and any children in the house.

If you are not an active person or do not have enough time to play with your dog, this breed is probably not suitable for you. They are also working dogs, so they do not get tired quickly.

Do They Bark Excessively?

As compared to other breeds, Cane Corsos rarely bark.  Like any other breed, they will bark in an alarming situation or when they are not happy. If you leave them on their own for a long time, they will bark excessively to get attention. That said, your Cane Corso will quickly let you know about anything that is bothering them by barking, but they wouldn’t bark without reason.

Can You Leave Them Alone?

Cane Corsos are fond of human company, and they do not like it when you leave them on their own. If you leave them on their own for an extended period, they suffer from separation anxiety. They soon get agitated and begin to show destructive behavior around the house. This is their way of relieving stress. They are big, powerful dogs, so when they try to entertain themselves, they can make quite a mess in the house. There is also the risk of hurting themselves in the process.

You can try to teach them that being on their own is not a problem. Start by leaving them with their toys for short periods. If your Cane Corso starts stressing out, it means that he is not ready to be on his own. In such a case, start over by leaving them on their own with toys for a few minutes, then gradually increase the time over the days.

Some Cane Corso puppies might never be ready for being alone on their own. This is the reason this breed is best for large families.

Are They Watchdogs?

People have had Cane Corso dogs as watchdogs for a long time, and this breed naturally likes being vigilant. The strong protective instinct of Cane Corsos helps them even more with this job. You can, therefore, use them as watchdogs for your house. They will prevent any theft and harm from reaching your property to the best of their ability.

Do They Like Water?

Cane Corsos love to swim and enjoy splashing water in summers. If, in any case, you have a Cane Corso pup that does not like water, you should never force him to go in. Forcing your dog would only leave him even more afraid of water.

If you decide to take your dog for a walk without a leash, you must take care of them. If it loves water, it might leap into a dangerous watercourse out of excitement. They are a brachycephalic breed, which means they have short skulls and muzzles.

So, being in or around too much water can spell trouble for your dog. You should always exercise caution when letting your Cane Corso in the water.

Are They a Good Choice for First Time Owners?

Calm and loving as they might be, Cane Corsos are not the right choice for first-time dog owners. Cane Corsos need extensive training from a person who is familiar with the needs of large and intelligent dogs. They can be both dominant and hard to handle if you have not trained them appropriately. They can give a tough time for first-time dog owners.

Without adequate training, Cane Corsos can display rebellious and unmanageable behavior. They need to know that there is a boss in the house who can handle and control them. Only someone experienced with dogs can make Cane Corsos obedient and disciplined.

Be sure to watch this video about Cane Corso puppies and get to know their traits.

Parting Thoughts on How Much Do Cane Corso Puppies Cost

Once you have made your decision to buy a Cane Corso puppy and are all ready to buy it, there are some additional costs to consider.

Like with any other dog, buying does not end the expenses—in fact, it’s only after buying your pup that the real costs of taking care of a dog begin.

Some typical costs related to the ownership of Cane Corso puppies include health checkups, spaying and neutering, pet insurance, training, grooming, food, and toys.

You should find a reliable breeder and do all your research before heading into the buying process. Cane Corsos can be adorable, but they are not suitable for first-time dog owners. It takes an experienced hand to train and manage this sturdy and intelligent breed.

We hope this guide on how much do Cane Corso puppies cost will serve you well in your decision making process.