How Much Does a Boo Dog Cost?

Boo dogs are the latest internet sensation that everyone is talking about. If you are in awe of boo dogs, then you might be wondering how much does a boo dog cost.

While there are many breeds of dogs that people love to keep as pets, the Pomeranian breed is preferred by many. There are many different types of Pomeranians, and each of them has their unique characteristics and traits.

Among all dogs of the Pomeranian breed are cute and playful, one of the dogs that have become very popular these days is the ‘Boo.’ Boo is an internet sensation that gets its cuteness from its haircut and has managed to win the hearts of millions.

However, Pomeranians are not just famous for being the adorable little balls of fur. They have been an artistic muse for centuries and have inspired many artists to create masterpieces.

Boo dogs are these adorable fluff-balls can easily fit into the palm of your hand and weigh just a few ounces. They grow quickly in their first year and look like miniature lions with unlimited affection.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Boo Dog?

You can get yourself a Boo too. Just look around for people selling teddy bear Pomeranians. Wondering how much does a boo dog cost? Here is all you need to know about it.

The cost of teddy bear Pomeranians or a Boo dog varies from one breeder to another. You can get a teddy bear Pomeranian from $600 to $1,000 depending on their size, age, gender, and other factors.

Where Do Boo Dogs Come From?

A boo dog, like other Pomeranian puppies, has a thick coat of fur. This indicates that they came from the Arctic. They are also closely related to malamutes and huskies.

Boo dogs look like a short version of Spitz dogs. They were later bred to the smaller size that we find now. They were named after the region of Pomerania, which is now a part of Poland and western Germany.

Pomeranians also have royal roots. Queen Victoria was smitten by these stunning and cute dogs when she was on vacation in the 1800s. She loved these fluffy dogs so much that she brought some of them home with her.

Back home, she started breeding these dogs and presented them in shows. She was able to win many competitions because of the dog’s pristine present-ability and agility.

A. Boo – The Internet Sensation

While there are different types of dogs within the Pomeranian breed of dogs, one particular dog that has become an internet sensation is ‘Boo.’ This male teddy bear Pomeranian was known for his cute haircut.

Boo was born in March 2006 and was owned by Irene Ahn. His popularity started with a Facebook fan page. Here is a video of Boo’s cutest moments that will make you fall in love with him even more.

B. Boo Is the Cutest Dog Out There

Everyone who saw Boo instantly fell in love with him. He looked like a stuffed toy, and everyone adored him. What made his appearance so cute was that the dog was very well-maintained.

His hair was managed perfectly by the owner and was always clean, tidy, and attractive. The small hair made it easier to manage, and his cleanliness and well-maintained personality are what attracted people towards Boo.

Watch this video on how Boo spent his day.

What Are the Characteristics of a Teddy Bear Pomeranian or a Boo Dog?

As mentioned before, Pomeranians have been around for centuries. Michelangelo had a Pomeranian dog as a pet. Moreover, Chopin and Mozart dedicated songs to Pomeranians.

This makes them more than just dogs. They are stunning, cute, and truly fabulous. They are also feisty, stubborn, and bright. They love their owners and are very loyal and committed to them.

Here are some characteristics of teddy bear Pomeranians that make them the top choice for people looking for a cute little pet dog.


Teddy bear Pomeranians are small in height. The maximum height they can reach is 6-7 inches. As for their weight, it varies from 3-7 pounds. They are small and cute beings, which make them highly adorable. They can easily fit into the palm of your hands. You can easily carry them anywhere you want, which makes them the best pet you can have.


The face of the Teddy bear Pomeranians is filled with expressions. They have a thick coat of fur and are small dogs. They have a double coat of fur. The outer coat has longer hair while the undercoat has short hair. The upper coat is also a bit rough in appearance, while the inner coat tends to have a smooth and soft feel.

Shedding of the coat occurs every six months. Another distinct characteristic of Pomeranians is their plumed tail, which is specific to their breed.


According to the American Kennel Club, there are 23 recognized colors of Pomeranian fur. This extensive range of fur colors makes each Pomeranian a unique one. However, most of them have an orange-red hue of fur. Teddy bear Pomeranians come in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • White
  • Tan
  • Orange, etc.

The most popular colors of teddy bear Pomeranians are cream, white, black, and orange. There is also a new color introduced by breeders in teddy bear Pomeranians. It is called merle, which has a mild blue/gray patch against a mixture of solid colors.


Teddy bear Pomeranians have a distinct personality. They are aware of everything happening around them and are also very intelligent. They love being indoors and adore companionship. They have a big dog personality and are very loyal.

Even though they are small in size, Pomeranians have a proud and confident gait. They may be small in size, but they have the personality of a big dog.

Energy Level

While teddy bear Pomeranians love being lap dogs, they also love to run around and play at every opportunity they get. Early socialization is vital for Pomeranians, just like other dogs.

However, since they are small in size, it is essential to make sure that they only socialize with the dogs of their size. You must keep an eye on them when they are around dogs that are larger than them.

Life Span

Teddy bear Pomeranians generally live for 12-16 years.

What Are Health Needs of a Boo Dog?

If you are buying a teddy bear Pomeranian, then you must take them for the following health exams before buying:

  • Ophthalmologist evaluation
  • Cardiac exam
  • Patella Evaluation

Be sure to check with your vet if your boo dog needs any other health and medical evaluations. 

What Are Grooming Needs of a Boo Dog?

When they are puppies, teddy bear Pomeranians need minimal brushing and bathing. However, you will need to pay attention to their coats when they grow up. You will need to brush their coat regularly to prevent the hair from matting.

Most of the Pomeranian owners take their dogs to professional groomers from getting their fur trimmed, cleaning their ears, and cutting their nails. The classic teddy bear cut, as sported by Boo, is one of the most popular haircut options for Pomeranians.

Watch the video below on how to groom a boo dog.

How to Give Your Boo Dog The Teddy Bear Cut?

The teddy bear cut has been made famous by Boo. It is his signature cut that has made him one of the most loved and adored dogs out there. You can also get the same look as Boo by taking your teddy bear Pomeranian to a groomer and asking them for a teddy bear cut.

The groomer will cut the dog’s hair as close to the body of the dog as possible. It will be roughly the same length all over. This is the teddy bear cut that is popular among Pomeranian owners around the world.

Most teddy bear Pomeranian owners shave the coat of their dogs themselves. This makes their coat much easier to maintain. Long hair tends to get tangled quickly, which makes it difficult to brush out. Long hair also drags around and touches the ground, which makes the coat of your teddy bear Pomeranian dirty and wet.

It is essential to keep in mind that Pomeranians have Nordic sled dogs as their ancestors. Their double coat is meant to shield them from the external harsh weather elements. The thick double coat of fur also provides their elbows with a layer of padding, which prevents them from hurting themselves.

Hence, when you cut the undercoat of a teddy bear Pomeranian, you are essentially altering their fur’s texture permanently. There is a high chance that it will never grow out again. Even if it does grow out, you generally can’t get the same length as before.

So, if you are planning to get their fur cut into a teddy bear style, then keep in mind that it is a long-term commitment. Don’t attempt this cut on outdoorsy dogs as it can become challenging to manage and maintain.

If you are taking your teddy bear Pomeranian out for a walk, make sure you dress them up appropriately. You can make them wear boots, jackets, and sweaters so that they remain dry and warm.

You must keep your teddy bear Pomeranians warm and dry if you want to keep them healthy. You can groom them in any way you want as long as you keep them protected from harsh environmental elements.

How Do You Train a Boo Dog or a Teddy Bear Pomeranian?

It is best to train a Pomeranian dog while they are still puppies. You will need to train them while walking with a leash. Since they are petite in size, they tend to be the prime targets of attacks of not only larger dogs but also predator birds.

Boo dogs should also be trained to come to you when called by their name. You will also need to train them to stop jumping. The joints of Pomeranians get strained when they jump a lot. So, if your Pomeranian is welcome on the couch or bed, it is best to get dog stairs and train your dogs to use them instead of jumping up and down.

Poms are majorly indoor dogs. This means that you will need to train them for the bathroom too. It will take some time to train them, but once trained, they will be excellent dogs.

In addition to training your teddy bear, Pomeranians, you must also employ great care when playing with them. You must also teach your kids how to handle them since Teddy Bear Pomeranians are fragile and tiny.

Owning a toy breed dog is not as easy as you think. You need to care for them and handle them as gently as possible to avoid hurting them. They should also always be kept indoors or within a fenced yard to make sure that they are always within your sight.

Some Interesting Things to Know About Boo Dogs

The Facebook page of Boo has around 18 million likes. This makes Boo one of the most loved dogs in the world. If you are thinking about getting a Pomeranian just like Boo, then you are making a great choice. You are going to love your new pet.

Pomeranians are adorable little beings who will soon become the most critical part of your life and family. Here are some interesting facts about Boo that will make you fall in love with him more.

Boo Is Immortalized

We all know that Boo was one of the cutest dogs in the world. But do you know that Boo has now been immortalized? Yes, you read that right. The famous stuffed animal maker, GUND, has made Boo into a cute toy. This means that now that Boo is gone, his image will remain with many dog lovers forever.

If you want to own a replica of Boo, you can quickly get it from a toy shop. You don’t have to look at his pictures just on the internet anymore. Buy yourself a Boo, and you will have someone to adore all the time.

Boo Belongs to Teddy Bear Pomeranian Type

There are three main types of Pomeranians:

  1. Baby doll Pomeranians
  2. Fox-face Pomeranians
  3. Teddy bear Pomeranians

Boo belongs to the latter. He sure looks like a teddy bear with his pretty face and lovely eyes. He belongs to the category of royal pets.

Queen Victoria, as mentioned above, was one of the most prominent royals to have a Pomeranian dog as a pet. This makes Boo and other Pomeranians very special.

Boo’s Naked Wednesday

Wednesdays are Boo’s naked days. It is his day off from dressing up. He doesn’t wear any outfit or sweaters on Wednesdays and loves to roam around in his coat.

Boo’s naked Wednesday has also inspired other pet owners to let their pets walk and play around naked. Many dog owners join Boo every Wednesday celebrating a naked day for their pets. Boo is a trendsetter.

Boo’s Favorite Color Is Pink

We all have a favorite color, and for Boo, it was pink. He loved wearing pink and playing with everything pink.

Be sure to watch the video below about boo dogs.

Last Few Words About Boo Dogs

Teddy bear Pomeranian dogs, like Boo, are one of the cutest species of dogs on the face of the earth. They are petite, which gives them extra cuteness. They are one of the most loved species of dogs, and many people own them as pets. Now that you know everything about teddy bear Pomeranians and Boo, you can go and buy one for yourself. Keep a note on how much does a boo dog cost.

Teddy bear Pomeranians make for the most adorable little pets. They will melt your heart every single time you look at their beautiful faces and play with them. Just make sure you understand how to handle a toy breed before you buy teddy bear Pomeranian, and you are good to have one in your house.