How to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity

Keep Your Pup Warm, Lower Your Utility Bill

If you want to keep your dog warm while keeping utility bills low, then you have to learn how to heat a dog house without electricity.

Furry friends are the most precious members of our family. This cherishing goes out to every dog owner out there. You agree to it, don’t you? You do any and everything to keep the furry angels happy, secure, and warm.

The average body temperature of a dog ranges from 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs can adjust to the external temperature of the atmosphere to some extent, just like us. But when it is the chilliest time of the deadly winters, the furry babies would need your backing to stay warm and active.

So, here, you will explore some of the most straightforward and most convenient techniques on how to heat a dog house without electricity!

20 Cool Hacks to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity

We have compiled a list of 20 neat ways you can keep your pup warm in its house without using electricity. Be sure to check the cool infographic on 20 cool hacks to heat a dog house without electricity.

20 cool hacks to heat a dog house without electricity infographic

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Method A: Add Heat to Your Dog House

You may be wondering how to heat a dog house without electricity. Is this even possible?

Well, yes, it is. Here are some tips on how to keep your pup warm without paying an arm and a leg to the utility company.

The first idea is to transfer heat from your home and other sources of warmth around you to the dog house. It is a neat and simple idea. Let us discuss this idea in detail.

Transfer Heat from Your Home to Your Dog House

There are multiple ways via which you can transfer heat to your pet’s canal. One of the simplest ways is to build it attached to your home. If the walls are connected the heat in your home will automatically pass on to your dog’s canal.

Some dog owners use designs where the residence and the canals are attached, and the walls are comparatively thinner than others. Such a configuration allows the heat to transfer easily.

It is a must that you place your dog’s house attached to the thinnest wall of your home. Placing dog houses next to the thinnest wall of your home will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed into your dog’s, keeping him warm during cold nights and winter days.

Pump Hot Water from Your House to the Dog House

This process will take quite some time to get it done but will serve the best. As the name tells, the idea is to pass hot water pipes through the dog’s home from your home. This method will transfer heat to the canal walls, warming it all up. But make sure the pipes have thick coatings, and the pup cannot fiddle with it. The best idea is to call up your plumber!

A plumber will know how to install the pipes in the best possible way so that the dog’s canal doesn’t look awkward. The pipes must be laid in such a manner that they don’t come in direct contact with your dog as hot pipes can cause injury to your dog.

Put Hot Water Bottle or Microwaveable Cushion

Microwaveable cushions are quite popular in the market nowadays, and you can even buy them online. Choose one from a good brand as you will want a pillow made out of quality material. Place the heated cushion on your pet’s canal.

Also, you can use a plastic water bottle instead. Fill it up with warm water, but please do not use boiling water, and you know why. Cover the jar with a soft sock and put it on your dog’s bed.

You can get your hands-on quality microwaveable cushions from online stores. You can buy them at reasonable rates. You can invest in more than one pillow.

Siphon off and Pass Hot Air from Your House to Dog House

This method is quite a clever one. By passing hot air to your dog’s house does not mean you have to use unsafe and complicated electronic mediums. All you will need is a flexible dryer duct that shall absorb the warm air from your home and transfer it to your pet’s house.

The duct will comes with a fan mechanism that will force air over the pipe. But the heated air shall still cut out cold air passing towards your dog house. This method might work slowly and would gradually heat space.

Method B: Add Thermal Accessories to Dog House

The next idea is to use the power of thermal energy for heating your pet’s use. The use of thermal energy is quite common when it comes to buildings, cooking food, or manufacture. But nowadays, owners use thermal masses to heat the dog’s house and here’s how!

Put a Thermal Bed in Dog House

Thermal beds are really in vogue. These fantastic paces come with heat-retaining materials that keep the sleeping pad warm. It also preserves the heat radiating from your pet’s body. Don’t confuse these with electric beds as the source of heat is electrical energy there. But warm beds are different. It is a safe and pocket-friendly option.

Give Your Dog Thermal or Warm Blanket

You might have seen people using thermal blankets in emergencies that prevent heat loss from one’s body. There are thermal blankets available for pets as well. Just search them up online. Otherwise, you can use soft pet blankets. Go for fabrics that will keep them warm and make their skin feel comfortable.

Buy or Use a Thermal Dog House

Dog houses with natural heating and heat retention mechanism are the best thing you can buy for your pup. If you do not want to go for so much detailed cut-outs, the thermal house is a bright idea. There are market-ready canals that are made of materials that retain natural heat. These will make a great winter solution for your pup to be warm and sweet!

Method C: Use Solar Heat or Natural Warmth of the Sun

Nature has all the answers to our health issues, but we forget to pay attention to that. This part will discuss some of the simple tweaks and tactics to heat your pet’s home with natural methods. Exposing your dogs to the sunlight also has additional benefits of health.

Place the Dog House Facing the Sun

Yes, we are talking about the sunshine we miss every day due to our hectic work schedules and daily responsibilities. If you cannot, let your furry angel enjoy it and stay warm through the terrifying winter. Dogs anyway prefer natural warmth more and heating their homes with natural sun rays is the best.

You can put the canal on the way of the sun so that your pet faces the sun when they sit in the canal. Just be little specific about the angle you place the canal towards, as that will ensure the incoming of heat in the canal.

Trap Solar Heat with Heat Absorbent Cloth

Another smart and straightforward way out. You can do this by yourself in a minute. All you need is a thick heat absorbent blanket or anything relevant. Note the size as you will need to cover the whole canal. Leave the doorway to lose for your pup to pass through.

Paint the House a Dark Color

Ever noticed how you intuitively tend to avoid wearing black in the scorching summers? That’s because dark colors are excellent when it comes to absorbing all the heat around you. What you can do is apply a beautiful tan and opaque coat of color to your dog house.

Apply paint both inside and outside. Let it dry, and your furry little friend sleep tight in it! No, it is of course, not what you are thinking. You can use any shade of dark color, and black is not the only option!

Method D: Dress Your Dog in Warm Clothing

Ah! Here come the new solutions. Are you one of those owners who enjoy dressing up their dogs every time they get a chance? If so, great! You will enjoy doing this.

Put Pullovers or Jackets on Your Dog

Many pets get accustomed to wearing clothes as they get used to while being raised. This only applies to the pets that are habituated with wearing clothes. Nowadays, you will find several ready-made warm garments available in the market. Get the one that best suits your dog. You can also weave one at home if you prefer so.

Put a Dog Snood or Head Cover on Your Dog

A dog snood will make your dog look super cool and keep them warm at the same time. But the problem with hoodies is that dogs tend to throw them loose. So go or the hoodies that can be fixed on their heads. Some have buttons, zips, or ribbons attached to them.

Make Your Dog Wear Thermal Socks or Thermal Boots

They say if the feet are warm, the rest of the body will be warm. If your dog is uncomfortable with clothing, make them wear warm pairs of socks. Pet socks are available online, or you will also find them in regular.

Some socks have paw pads in them so that dogs can balance well. Some socks are made of soft rubber, and they are water-proof. There are many options you will find, including thermal boots, so choose accordingly.

Method E: Prevent Heat Loss from Dog House

The final step in learning how to heat a dog house without electricity is preventing heat loss from a dog house. So long, we were mostly talking about how to induce heat in the canals. But the following processes that you can see are different.

The following are regarding how to retain the existing heat in your dog’s house. These methods are equally easy, and you will not require the assistance of any heavy equipment or sophisticated device. So, here they are!

Insulate Dog House

Insulating your dog canal will warm it up faster and also retain the heat. The insulation method accelerates heat flow in the canal, which helps let out soothing warmth in the space. It is recommended you use the foil-backed foam boards as they are safe to place in canals. The installation process is also quite simple. Make sure your dog cannot reach the board, so cover it up with something.

Raise Dog House Floor from Ground

Raising the ground is another simple method that you can use to heat your dog’s house without the use of electricity. But you might need a professional carpenter to get this done appropriately. Most of the cold is absorbed from the base. When you raise the floor, it shall cut out the cold to a significant extent.

Install a Dog Flap or Weather Proof Door

The door is mostly the reason why the preserved heat goes out. You can use a thick, good-quality door flap or a weather-proof canal door to prevent that. A dog flap will help retain the natural heat for a much longer time.

Patch Any Holes in the Dog House

Many dog houses contain holes on the walls. Those openings often pull in cold air and moisture. So what you can do is cover them up. You can use stuffing materials or even the same material by which the canal is made. But I would suggest that stuffing with other materials temporarily is better. You can later open them up in the summers and get the canal back to its usual form. It will be again ready for use in the summers.

Add Bedding to Dog House

Dog love rolling up in the beds. The best thing you can do is put a nice and warm bed inside the canal. Mine spends way more time in its canal after I slipped in a cozy bed. You can buy ready-made dog beds online. The reason to add a bed is to cut out the cold transferring from the ground. 

Dog beds are of several types of materials. Some have fillers such as cotton, others with rice. But those are more like cushions. But if looking for canal beds for dogs, the denim, microfiber or faux suede would be recommended. They are much more comfortable and will serve for a long time giving you excellent value for money.

Increase Thermal Mass

Nowadays, you can get readily-available thermal blankets, thermal pet jackets, thermal cushions, and even thermal canals. Using thermal masses and accessories in the canal will automatically keep it warm, retaining the heat flow coming from any source!

Put Rice or Cotton Filled Sock in Dog House

Well, this idea might look a little strange to you, but it is highly effective. A rice-filled sock serves as a home-made heating pad. Rice sock is also used by people to get rid of aches and pains in the body. You can use this strategy to provide a warm and lovely home to your furry!

What Temperature Should a Dog House Be?

Well, you have learned how to heat a dog house without electricity. Now let us find out the temperature you need to maintain inside a dog house.

The temperature comfort levels for dogs are the same as humans. So it is best to maintain a balance between the temperatures. The suggested thermostat setting is 69 degrees F during the winter. If your dog has thick and long fur, 75 degrees would be the right temperature level for them.

The temperature of the canal matters as it does not only keep dogs physically warm but also mentally active and healthy. Dogs tend to be influenced by outer ambiances, temperatures, and climates as they are sensitive to the same. Excessive cold temperatures can make the furry friends irritated and raise the levels of anxiety in them.

So, check the temperature in intervals to make sure your puppy is comfortable. If there are babies in the canal, you can opt or a much higher temperature as they need more warmth than that of the adult dogs.

If you want to get an idea as to how cold a dog house gets during winter, then watch this video below.

How to Keep a Dog House Warm Without Electricity?

It is imperative to keep your dog’s house warm in the winters and protect them from the chills, especially when they are staying in their canals outside. Dogs tend to catch a cold, just like humans, when exposed to excessive chills, which can eventually lead to higher risks.

You do not want that. Dogs with thicker coats are more tolerant to climatic fluctuations. But that is not enough in extreme cold temperatures. So, finding a way out to provide your pet with the comfort they deserve is essential. Here are some more options for you!

If you live in regions that sets an entirely new definition for winter and the chills are scary, trust me, the above ideas would serve you gold! The perks of them are that you can perform most of them except a few.

You went through a whole lot of options and can choose any that suits you. All of them are pragmatically explained so that you do not get stuck with any. All of the information provided above is well-researched and safe for practical use.

So wonder no more how to heat a dog house without electricity. I am the owner of two pets myself and treasure a vast soft corner for animals. I understand the tiny details we brood on every second to see our precious furry friends healthy and active.

I hope the effort put in this piece of article helps you keep your pet protected from all that chills and thrills of the long winter. You will not need many pricey props to generate or retain heat in your pet canals through these methods. But when you are buying any amenity or warm clothing, online be sure about the brand, to ensure quality and safety of use.

So, good luck as the winter is yet to arrive!


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