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Puppy Contract
Buyer/Seller Agreement


Seller certifies that this puppy is a purebred German Shepherd of sound body, good health, and free of communicable diseases as far as appears to the eye. This puppy has been checked by a veterinarian and was found to be healthy and has received two sets of puppy shots and been treated for worms. Buyer is encouraged to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian within three days of the sale. You will receive a replacement puppy of equal or greater value from our next available litter  if this puppy has any congenital defects which result (or may result) in death or in its having to be euthanized within one year of this sale. Seller must be provided with a written report of the dog's health problem from Buyer's veterinarian. The Buyer assumes full responsibility for all costs and care during this time.

Full Registration
: This puppy is purchased with full AKC registration. Within two (2) years from date of purchase, should your puppy develop hip dysplasia or any genetic skeletal disorder, upon receipt of (1) a letter from a duly licensed veterinarian attesting to such condition (copies of x-rays may be required), (2) a copy of the O.F.A. evaluation report, (3) a spay or neuter certificate and (4) the AKC registration certificate on such puppy, you will receive a replacement puppy of equal or greater value from our next available litter. Exclusion: There are NO guarantees on a female puppy once she has been successfully bred.
Limited Registration:
This puppy is purchased as a pet and may not be bred (intentionally or unintentionally). You agree to spay or neuter this puppy between the age of seven and nine months of age and to mail Adel v.Leonberg a veterinarian certificate stating that the surgery has been performed. Within one (1) year from date of purchase, should your puppy develop hip dysplasia or any genetic skeletal disorder, which disorder will severely diminish your puppy's quality and enjoyment of life and necessitate euthanasia, upon receipt of (1) a letter from a duly licensed veterinarian attesting to such condition and (2) a certificate of euthanasia, as well as (3) the puppy's AKC registration certificate, you will receive a replacement puppy from our next available litter. A pet puppy who is found to have a mild condition, which condition will not in any way shorten or diminish the quality of life for that puppy, will NOT be replaced. On Limited Registration puppies, spay or neuter certificates from a duly licensed veterinarian must be provided before AKC registration papers and pedigree will be provided on such puppy. 


Buyer is not required to return dog to Seller to obtain a refund under this contract. This guarantee will become void if hip problems arise due to owner's neglect to follow these written guidelines concerning precautionary measures one must follow to avoid hip problems or due to any injury sustained while in buyer's possession.


Seller guarantees that Buyer will be satisfied with the puppy  purchased. If Buyer is not satisfied with the puppy  received, puppy may be returned to Seller at Buyer's cost. Seller will replace puppy or a full refund of the purchase price will be made (Seller's option). This Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for 72 hours after Buyer receives puppy.


Registration papers will be furnished to Buyer upon receipt from the A.K.C. and when complete payment is made for the puppy and spay/neuter is complete. If payment is made by personal check or money-order, the registration papers will be held until the check/money-order has cleared. The Buyer has the option of naming their new dog with the exception that all puppies carry the kennel name "Leonberg's" at the front of their A.K.C. registered name.  Buyer agrees to register this dog in accordance with the time limits specified by the A.K.C. and send a copy of that registration to Seller  upon receipt. If Buyer fails to use "Leonberg's" in front of the registered name or to register dog in accordance with this paragraph, all guarantees made by Seller in this contract will become void.


One of the following paragraphs applies to this puppy. The others are non-applicable and are to be
crossed out.

___ Limited Registration Contract (A.K.C. limited registration): This puppy is considered to be a pet and may not be bred (not intentionally or unintentionally). Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog between the age of seven to nine months and mail Seller a veterinarian verification upon completion of that operation. 

___ Full Registration Contract (A.K.C. full registration) for a female puppy. This puppy is considered to be breed  quality.  Buyer agrees to allow puppy to mature before being bred. Once a female has been successfully bred our Hip guarantee will be no longer in effect. This is because pregnancy can cause the Hips to expand and there for taint the Certificate results. Female X-Rays also can not be taken during the females heat cycle or just prior to or after (30 days) that cycle.

___ Full Registration Contract (A.K.C. full registration) for a male puppy. This puppy is considered to be breed quality. Buyer agrees to allow puppy to mature before breeding.

Buyer agrees to not tie out or chain this puppy unless supervised for the duration by an adult. If this puppy cannot be kept for any reason, the Buyer agrees to give the puppy back to the Seller. If Seller elects to take the dog back, Buyer agrees to supply and transfer all corresponding registration papers and to supply a current health certificate at the time of delivery. Should the dog be sold elsewhere or ownership transferred from original buyer, this contract would become void (this contract is non-transferable). Buyer agrees to provide this dog with adequate nutrition and a full round of available annual vaccinations. Buyer agrees not to mistreat this dog in any shape or form nor allow any type of laboratory tests (such as cosmetic or medical experiments) to be performed on him/her. Please understand that we at Adel v.Leonberg Kennels are animal lovers and desire that none of our animals suffer cruelty in any fashion. Violation of this contract will constitute Buyer's unconditional surrender of the purchased dog and all registration documents at no cost to Seller.


A.K.C. Registered Name________________________________________________________,
Purchase Price______________ Male - Female, A.K.C. Litter No._______________________,
Date Whelped ______________ Tattoo No. _____________

This contract was executed on _____________between Seller, Undine Price, Adel v.Leonberg Kennels and the undersigned,

Buyer________________________________                          Seller_______________________

Printed Name:_________________________



D.L. State/Number:______________________
(Please attach D.L. photocopy)

Note: Contract not binding until both pages are signed by both Buyer and Seller. Upon signature completion, this contract will become a legal and binding document, as agreed by Buyer and Seller.

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