The White German Shepherd Dog

Early History

The color “White” can be traced back to the roots of the German Shepherd Dog. Information provided in early books on the  German Shepherd Dog, such as “The Alsatian Wolf-Dog” written by George Horowitz in 1923 as well as “The German Shepherd, Its History. Development and Genetics” written by M. B. Willis In 1977 make mention of White German Shepherds shown in Europe as early as 1882. “Der Deutsche Schaferhund In Wort Und Bild’ written by Rittmeister Max Von Stephanitz, the architect of the breed, in 1921 included a photo of a White German Shepherd directly descended from Horand (mentioned later herein), and “The Complete German Shepherd” published by Milo Denlinger in 1947 included an illustration of a White German Shepherd from Northern Germany.  

It is a historical fact that a White German Shepherd was the Grandsire of Horand von Grafrath, born In 1895, the dog who is acknowledged as the foundation dog of contemporary German Shepherd Dog bloodlines — from that time forward, the Color white had a genetic pool within the color variations of the German Shepherd Dog.

In the United States, the White German Shepherd appears throughout the history of the breed. In the early 1920’s, Ann Tracy (who owned one of the first two German Shepherd champions on record In America), Imported some of the finest German show stock to this country and white puppies showed up immediately in her litters. In 1917, the first White German Shepherds were registered with the American Kennel Cub from Ann Tracy’s kennels. In the 1920’s, German-bred White German Shepherds were imported to the United States by H. N. Hanchett of Minnesota. 

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